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MaaS, Mobility

MaaS, Mobility as a Service, can be said as an innovation that would change a whole concept and experience of mobility our society are familiar with; the society will be allowed to involve in mobility through digital services. It provides mobility solution for travelers which will fulfill each travelers’ need according to their travel style. Travelers can easily plan and manage their own trip with no need to worry about timing and payment method.

Graphic Design

Our MaaS Division

Our MaaS Division is working on mobility services to provide more options to travelers for an easy and good journey. Throughout the journey together with our in-car payment solutions, travelers can get their hands on any product or food from a store without getting off the car, or even carrying a cash. The store can notice car arrival and receive the payment by Payment system attached with the car.

For anyone who don’t own personal car can conveniently travel with Ride Sharing. Ride Sharing business changes the standard of the commerce of car as travelers can choose to buy or pay only when they need the service. Besides, they can access Ride Sharing and book the trip with just a few touches on smart phone applications. MaaS combines public and personal transportations for travelers to have the best experience in their journey.